With over 110 years of history behind it, Lavazza is the result of its tenacious and intuitive founder Luigi, who in 1895 acquired a small grocery store in the heart of ancient Turin. Luigi Lavazza, with his pioneering spirit, invented for the first time the concept of mixing: the art of mixing coffee from different origins to obtain an harmonious and tasty product. Today, Lavazza is the leader in terms of quality and is the symbol of the Italian espresso that represents the Italian identity throughout the world.

Ebac Ltd is the leading manufacturer of water coolers in Europe. Based in the United Kingdom, Ebac has been designing and manufacturing water coolers for more than 17 years, having introduced a number of cutting-edge technologies into the market, such as Watertrail ™, which offers a simple and 100% effective sanitising process in seconds, and its award-winning Hot Tank that is up to 89% more energy efficient compared to the competitors' models.

In order to provide excellent quality water coolers and quality to our customers, we work in partnership with Cosmetal. The Italian supplier has more than 40 years of experience in the manufacture of water coolers. The deep knowledge of the industry guarantees greater hygiene, high technical standards and constant innovation.

Capsnap by Grenier Packaging is the only company offering a complete water cooler packaging solution to the European market. The range of products includes five gallon bottles for offices and households (injection and extrusion technology), five gallon lids, labels for five gallon bottles and other accessories. 

OASIS International has become the world leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of drinking and clean water systems. They develop water-friendly solutions that provide clean and safe drinking water for everyone, anywhere.

Crystal Mountain water coolers are recognised worldwide for their high quality, style and performance. Its manufacturing facilities follow strict quality standards using the latest equipment. Customer satisfaction and service are the main priorities throughout their organisation.

Manufacturer of high quality coffee machines and equipment, easy to use, durable and easy to maintain.

With a team of expert engineers, product designers and high-tech R & D facilities, they successfully develop and produce innovative products, such as the ET filter, the UV circulation system, the leak detection system, the savings system of energy, the direct cooling system, the gas / gaseous water dispensers and the instantaneous UV sterilisation system.

Mars Drinks offers more than a commercial coffee solution, they offer a wide range of espresso coffees, coffees, teas, hot chocolate and special drinks that give life to the coffee experience in your rest room.

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